Bluetooth Handheld Singing Karaoke Mic Multi Function with Recording Option

Rs. 599 Rs. 999
Package contents: 1 Microphone,1 USB Charging Cable, 1 Audio Cable and Product manual SPECIFICATIONS: Full "K" Song Microphone Pickup; Capacitive Bluetooth: V2.1; Output Power: 3W*2; Charging Power: DC 5V; Frequency Range: 100Hz to 10KHz; Maximum SPL: About 115dB 1KHz; Echo Sound Reverberation Power Supply: Built-in lithium battery; Battery Capacity: 1800 mAh; Battery Working Time: 3 to 5 hours. The microphone is a great size and fits in hand well. The sound is nice ,clean, you can use it for pretty much for singing ,talking and even playing music through it A Handheld condenser microphone with a portable mini home KTV player. Ideal for music fancier, allows you to sing and record you voice anywhere, such as in car travelling, BBQ, family dinner and outdoor party so on. This Mic is with the Bluetooth and the 3.5mm audio jack, allows you wirelessly or using the audio cable to connect the unit effortlessly to your smart phones like iphone and android phones.

Product Features: This Mic -Support most singing software on the phone or on the computer. Lightweight and personality design, it's the best choice. Magic microphone: It allows you to sing at any time and any place with stunning this Mic sound. Recorder: It can record songs into your phone and share them with your friends. Powerful echo effect and adjustable volume, especially for recording, singing online, online game, online chatting. Mini pocket microphone: The microphone is a great size and fits in hand well. The sound is nice, clean, you can use it for pretty much for singing, talking and even playing music through it. Bluetooth Cellphone Microphone: Easy to get going with Bluetooth or 3.5-millimeter male plug. This is not a general microphone, you can singing and recording at anywhere and anytime. Fashion Bluetooth Speaker: Once paired you are able to play the music through the speaker at the bottom of the MIC. A multipurpose microphone: singing, instrument recording, interviews, podcasting, etc. FEATURES: This is a multi-functional Bluetooth wireless microphone, it supports most singing software on the phone, tablet, and computer. Bluetooth Speaker: You can connect it with your phone with Bluetooth or with 3.5mm audio jack #Multifunction Bluetooth Wireless Microphone: Wireless Microphone and Bluetooth Speaker, you can instantly create your own fun anywhere you like Compatible with almost all Bluetooth devices in the market, easy to operate and pair; It also has a 3.5mm audio jack, it can connect with Android, IOS phone.