Smart trash bin

Rs. 1400 Rs. 2000
Noiseless Operation---The silent automatic operation and great airtightness make this trash bin ideal to be placed in quiet indoors such as office, library, living room. Touchless & Hands-free---Infrared sensor to control the lid open and close. No more worry about no spare hand to open the bin lid, dirty the kitchen bin or cross-infection. Simple Style Appearance---Pure color and simple style appearance makes it never out of style. Compact design, large capacity, battery-powered, no redundant button. More than just a Trash Can---Besides working as a normal trash can, it can also be used as a storage bucket to store and organize clothes, shoes, books, toys, food, etc. Time-delay Closing Technology---When the lid is opened by sensing your hand, the infrared sensor can automatically recognize and keep the lid open until you move your hand away.

smart and touch-less :Intelligent sensing automatically pens the cover.

Enclosed Design:- This automatic lid trash cans have a sealed design to lock the peculiar smell.

Infrared Sensor:- Infrared fields sense the areas above and in front of the can so it opens automatically with just the wave of your hand.

Removable Ring:- Removable ring liner holds the trash bag sturdy in place and prevents the bag from overhanging for a neat and clean appearance.

Manual Mode:- The office trash can with lid is designed with a manual lid opening slot, which can also be opened manually when there is no electricity.