Ring Led lights with tripod and mobile stand

Rs. 1000 Rs. 2000
The ring Supplement lamp is suitable for Selfie and Live Video Streaming Etc. It has the functions of fill light, Beauty Face, Beauty Eye, Brightness Skin, Etc. It can also adjust for three color temperature, and according to your favorite to adjust various shade, and is equipped with a variety of Heights and Angles in use with a frame which is a Beauty Weapon.

  • ADD GRACE TO EVERY SHOT: Ring light is a combo pack of ring light with 5' light stand. Equipped with a light stand it gives you the convenience to take photos or make videos with your friends or family effortlessly. This 25 Watt ring light can efficiently add enough light to your face or articles while recording video or capturing pictures. From beginners to professionals, it is a perfect tool to use.
  • FUNCTIONS: Ball head with 1/4" screw, 360-degree rotation & 180-degree tilt makes it easy to target the ring light to your subject at many angles, perfect for live streaming, video calling, flat lay, taking selfies & more.
  • THREE GEARED TEMPERATURE CONTROL: 3 colors lighting mode cool white, warm white, and daylight. Each lighting mode has 10 adjustable brightness to choose from, meeting all your needs in different circumstances. It is the perfect dimmable lighting to take away all the unflattering shadows.
  • APPROPRIATE FOR BOTH INDOOR & OUTDOOR SHOOT: When you find that indoor/outdoor brightness is insufficient, you can turn on our ring light with stand, and adjust the brightness of the ring light according to the environment. This Bi-color LED ring light can be used at places like market, beach, park, or any other outdoor places.